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Improvements to data transfer facilities in PRACE Giuseppe  Fiameni
Effecting Culture Change with Research Data MANTRA   Stuart MacDonald  
The Archive and Data Management Training Center: An Infrastructure for the Social Sciences  Alexia Katsanidou 

Cost Study of the European Computing Infrastructure:

Comparing the HPC, HTC & Cloud offer

Kashif Iqbal

The Archive and Data Management Training Centre: An Infrastructure for the Social Sciences

Alexia Katsanidou

Data coding and harmonization: How CharmStats is transforming social science data

 Kristi Winters
Scientific Large Scale Data Management and Analysis Christopher Jung
Radieschen - A Framework for a multi-disciplinary Research Data Infrastructure  Leonie Schaefer

Coastal European Water oil Polution, Satellite Data Integration with local analysis

Jose Manuel Redondo

High Performance Networking in Europe - An overview of SURFnet's European lightpath collaborations

Nicole Gregoire
The European Marine Biological Resource Centre: data and e-infrastructureChuck Cook
Web-based Direct Data Transfer ServiceJedrzej Rybicki
Building blocks of the PaNdata Open Data InfrastructureKashif Iqbal
Initiative for Globus in EuropeIoan Lucian Muntean

The XSEDE User Portal File Manager: A Multi-Protocol Solution for Distributed Data Management

Rion Dooley
EGI-The European Grid InfrastructureSara Coelho

Legal challenges of cross-border data transfer - implications for research of the 2012

draft EU regulation on data protection and privacy

Roland Krause
ICORDI - International Collaboration On Research Data InfrastructuresDavid Vicente