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European Union (EU) funded e-infrastructures address the needs of European researchers and innovators for transnational communication networks, high performance and high throughput computing, multidisciplinary data management and collaborative scientific software. They empower researchers with easy and secure online access to facilities and resources and enable them to deliver reusable and reproducible research and innovation outputs. During the period 2014-2020, the EU will have invested more than 850 million euros in digital infrastructures through its Horizon 2020 e-infrastructure programme.[1] EUDAT is the pan-European data infrastructure and has established synergies and collaborates with other e-Infrastructures as illustrated below:

A story of how e-Infrastructures can help researchers & innovators

The E-Infrastructure & Science Cloud Unit of the European Commission (DG CNECT), created a booklet on the European e-Infrastructures in story-tale style, showcasing how Europeans from different sectors can work together using supercomputing and virtual environments to process and store large volumes of data.
EUDAT is one of these e-Infrastructures allowing collaboration and data/know-how sharing and exchanging between Europeans, by providing them robust, easy and secure online services and solutions. Read the booklet to fully understand the potential of e-Infrastructures and understand how EUDAT and others can help you!


[1] Source: e-Infrastructures: Making Europe the best place for research and innovation


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