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EUDAT in the Press

Titlesort descending Media Channel Publication Date Download
First EUDAT conference APA 17/10/2012
Forget compliance. Consider the bigger RDM picture Ulocking Research 18/02/2016
GÉANT supporting the first ever joint European e-infrastructures conference. GÉANT blog 01/07/2017
Gründung einer Collaborative Data Infrastructure Gauß-Allianz Infobrief 01/10/2016
Guest speakers from EUDAT explained how their projects deal with persistent identifiers APARSEN 27/05/2013
Hello to EUDAT, the EGI of data? GridCast 10/10/2011
Identità digitale: the next generation 22/12/2015
Innovazione: l’Ue investe 4 milioni di euro sugli ‘ambienti di ricerca virtuali key4biz 19/01/2016
Interesting Discussions at CloudScape IV iSGTW 24/02/2012
International Projects PDC 18/01/2016
Interview: EUDAT to Bring Collaborative Data Infrastructure to ISC'13 Inside HPC 19/03/2013
Journeying from data to knowledge at ISC Big Data ‘14 iSGTW 15/10/2014
Kooperationen KIT-SCC 09/11/2015
Make a date with data: the third EUDAT conference CORDIS Wire 11/08/2014
Making data and cloud resources interoperable using EUDAT & EGI services 01/03/2018
Making sense of open data in the future 18/07/2012
Matti Heikkurinen from the eFiscal project at EUDAT Youtube 25/10/2012
NeuGRID: an innovative e-infrastructure for neuroimaging research at the service of the HBP NeuGRID 31/10/2013
New Project to Tackle Data Deluge: EUDAT Communications of the ACM 20/10/2011
New Project to Tackle Data Deluge: EUDAT -Towards a Pan-European Collaborative Data Infrastructure ACM TechNews 09/10/2011