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    Digital Preservation of cultural data @ EUDAT Digital meets Culture 04/11/2013
    NeuGRID: an innovative e-infrastructure for neuroimaging research at the service of the HBP NeuGRID 31/10/2013
    RDA @ EUDAT 2nd Conference, 28-30 October 2013 RDA-Europe 28/10/2013
    Podcast: Wolfgang Gentzsch on EUDAT and the Ubercloud Inside HPC 17/10/2013
    Data in the DNA: transforming biology and data storage iSGTW 09/10/2013
    diXa: A new data infrastructure for chemical safety iSGTW 12/09/2013
    EUDAT training: iRODS, Data Staging and PIDs IUPS 2013 21/07/2013
    EUDAT 2nd Conference Digital meets Heritage 02/07/2013
    EUDAT: A New Cross-Disciplinary Data Infrastructure forScience The International Journal of Digital Curation 20/06/2013
    EUDAT:Towards a European Collaborative Data Infrastructure Data-Intensive Science 03/06/2013
    EUDAT aims to address the specific challenges of data Transcontinental Data Infrastructures and Data repositories 31/05/2013
    Guest speakers from EUDAT explained how their projects deal with persistent identifiers APARSEN 27/05/2013
    EUDAT in APARSEN Newsletter APARSEN 13/05/2013
    COOPEUS-EUDAT-workshop at EGU 2013 coopeus.eu 12/04/2013
    Interview: EUDAT to Bring Collaborative Data Infrastructure to ISC'13 Inside HPC 19/03/2013
    A data infrastructure reference model with applications: towards realization of a ScienceTube vision with a data replication service Journal of internet services and applications 30/01/2013
    The mystery of the slowing space probes iSGTW 16/01/2013
    1st EUDAT Conference EuroRisNet 09/12/2012
    EUDAT:Towards a European Collaborative Data Infrastructure Euromed2013 01/11/2012
    Matti Heikkurinen from the eFiscal project at EUDAT Youtube 25/10/2012