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WP Title Contract Publication Datesort ascending
WP2 D2.1.1 Sustainability Plan EUDAT (2013-2015) 30/10/2012
WP7 D7.1.1 Towards a globally scalable archive federation EUDAT (2013-2015) 19/10/2012
WP4 D4.2.1 Evaluation Framework EUDAT (2013-2015) 15/10/2012
WP5 D5.2.1 EUDAT Early Candidate Services EUDAT (2013-2015) 12/10/2012
WP3 D3.2 Training Needs Analysis EUDAT (2013-2015) 05/10/2012
WP3 D3.3.1 Annual Dissemination and Outreach Report EUDAT (2013-2015) 01/10/2012
WP5 D5.1.1 Technology Appraisal Report EUDAT (2013-2015) 27/07/2012
WP2 D2.2.1 Services Rolling Plan EUDAT (2013-2015) 30/04/2012
WP6 D6.1 Initial Report on Status and Progress of Operations EUDAT (2013-2015) 20/04/2012
WP4 D4.1.1 Data Management Landscape Characteristics and Community Requirements EUDAT (2013-2015) 12/04/2012
WP3 D3.1 Communication Plan EUDAT (2013-2015) 18/01/2012