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WP Titlesort descending Contract Publication Date
WP7 D7.1.1 Towards a globally scalable archive federation EUDAT (2013-2015) 19/10/2012
WP1 D1.2: Associate Partnership Programme EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 11/10/2015
WP2 D2.1.1 Sustainability Plan EUDAT (2013-2015) 30/10/2012
WP2 D2.1.2: EUDAT Sustainability Plan (update) EUDAT (2013-2015) 21/10/2013
WP2 D2.1.3: EUDAT Sustainability Plan (final) EUDAT (2013-2015) 27/04/2015
WP2 D2.1: EUDAT Service Portfolio Processes Definition and SLA Template Set EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 02/09/2015
WP2 D2.2 Data Management Plan EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 25/08/2015
WP2 D2.2.1 Services Rolling Plan EUDAT (2013-2015) 30/04/2012
WP2 D2.2.2 EUDAT Services Rolling Plan 2012-2015 (update) EUDAT (2013-2015) 25/06/2013
WP2 D2.2.3 EUDAT Services Rolling Plan 2012-2015 (final) EUDAT (2013-2015) 28/07/2014
WP2 D2.3.1 Community Integration Toolkit EUDAT (2013-2015) 07/10/2013
WP2 D2.3.2 Community Integration Toolkit (final) EUDAT (2013-2015) 01/04/2015
WP2 D2.3: Strategic Certification Plan EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 25/01/2016
WP2 D2.4: Report on Governance Model EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 24/10/2016
WP2 D2.4: Report on Pilot Case Studies using Community Integration Tool (CIT) EUDAT (2013-2015) 08/04/2015
WP2 D2.5: Guidelines on Open Access and Restricted Data (draft) EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 30/08/2016
WP2 D2.6: Implementation Report on Cost Model Pilots EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 02/05/2018
WP2 D2.7: Certification Implementation Report EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 22/03/2018
WP2 D2.8: Guidelines on Open Access and Restricted Data (final) EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 05/09/2017
WP2 D2.9: Certification Assessment Report EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 22/03/2018