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WPsort ascending Title Contract Publication Date
WP9 D9.5: Final Report on the Applicability of Object Stores within EUDAT EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 06/12/2017
WP9 D9.1: Interim Report on The Applicability of Object Stores within EUDAT EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 31/03/2016
WP9 D9.2: Interim Report of Use of HTTP as a Federation Technology EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 18/03/2016
WP9 D9.3: Interim Report on Testing of Scalability of Graph Technology Implementation EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 31/03/2016
WP9 D9.4: Final Report on Efficient Integrity Checking EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 04/11/2016
WP9 D9.6: Final Report on Testing of Graph Technologies EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 11/04/2017
WP9 D9.8: Final Report on Provision of Staging Support EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 06/02/2018
WP9 D9.7: Final Report on Use of HTTP Protocol as Standard within EUDAT EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 02/03/2018
WP8 D8.3: Report on Design Model and Definition of Data Directives EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 19/04/2018
WP8 D8.2: Report on Technology Watch EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 21/07/2017
WP8 D8.1: Report of Requirements EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 29/02/2016
WP8 D8.4: Initial Service Prototypes EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 10/05/2017
WP8 D8.6: Report on Experiences Applying the Prototype with Different Community Use Cases EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 21/03/2018
WP8 D8.5: Report on Dynamic Data Framework and Management Services EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 05/09/2017
WP7 D7.4: EUDAT/EGI Final Report on the Joint Call for Proposals EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 08/03/2018
WP7 D7.3: EUDAT/PRACE Joint Call for Proposals EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 19/04/2018
WP7 D7.1.1 Towards a globally scalable archive federation EUDAT (2013-2015) 19/10/2012
WP7 D7.1: EUDAT EGI Pilot Activity EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 27/02/2016
WP7 D7.3 Evaluation of existing interfaces to data archives, roadmap for evolution towards a standard EUDAT (2013-2015) 10/04/2013
WP7 D7.2: Assessment of Commercial Storage Services EUDAT2020 (2015-2018) 30/10/2016