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New project to tackle data deluge: EUDAT - Towards a pan-European Collaborative Data Infrastructure 12/03/2011 Press Release EUDAT
EUDAT unveils new data services as part of the Collaborative Data Infrastructure for science 12/03/2012 Press Release EUDAT
First EUDAT conference takes place in Barcelona 22nd - 24th October 2012 12/09/2012 Press Release EUDAT
Data in the DNA: transforming biology and data storage 09/10/2013 Article Andrew Purcell
A recipe for data: lessons from EUDAT 06/03/2014 Article Hilary Hanahoe
Data services, technology & expertise: the community perspective 31/03/2014 Interview Alberto Michelini
Going Dutch with your data! 02/06/2014 Interview Joyce Nijkamp, Ton Smeel
A solid foundation for earth sciences: EUDAT interviews Massimo Cocco of EPOS 30/10/2014 Interview Massimo Cocco
Towards a shared vision of sustainability for research and e-infrastructures 31/10/2014 Article Nuala Moran Science|Business, Damien Lecarpentier CSC
Federated Authentication and Credential Translation in the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure 11/12/2014 Article Memon, A.S. Juelich Supercomput. Center, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Julich, Germany Jensen, J. ; Cernivec, A. ; Benedyczak, K. ; Riedel, M.
Open Data – What do Research Communities Really Think about it? 01/01/2015 Article Marie Sandberg, Rob Baxter, Damien Lecarpentier and Paweł Kamocki
EUDAT teams up with PRACE to support science 09/02/2015 Press Release EUDAT
To B2SHARE or not to B2SHARE? 26/02/2015 Interview Carl Johan Hakansson, KTH
Research Data Made Simple 10/03/2015 Press Release EUDAT
Demystifying PIDs and getting a handle on handles 16/03/2015 Interview Carl Johan Hakansson, KTH
Metadata – the heart and soul of good data 19/03/2015 Interview Carl Johan Hakansson, KTH
Probing the fundamental constituents of matter: How ALEPH uses EUDAT for its data 30/03/2015 Interview EUDAT
EUDAT Extended: insights from the Project Director 22/04/2015 Article Damien Lecarpentier, CSC
Common policies and services: a pan-European data infrastructure for all 28/05/2015 Interview Erwin Laure, KTH
The Digital Curation Centre and Data Management Planning: Our Role in the EUDAT Initiative 30/06/2015 Interview Sarah Jones, DCC